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In the Episcopal Church, congregations are led by their rector and the Vestry. The Vestry consists of elected members of the congregation and is led by the Senior and Junior Warden. The responsibility of the Vestry, like that of the governing body of any organization, is to help define and implement the mission of the church, ensure effective organization and planning, ensure adequate resources in leadership and financial stewardship, and determine that appropriate programs, policies, and procedures are developed and followed. Unlike a board of directors, an Episcopal Church vestry is accountable to God and asks what God’s purpose and plan is for the church, rather than concentrating on their own purposes and preferences.


Vestry Members for 2024

Vestry elections of new members happen at the annual meeting held in January or February.  

Vestry members term year end dates are listed in parentheses below. 

Becky Taylor, Senior Warden (2025)

Deborah Murray Hrubesh, Junior Warden (2025)
Joe Bianca, Treasurer (ex officio)
Robert Shaw, Clerk (ex officio)
Sue Breines (2024)

Bonnie Katusich (2024)

Joy McGaugh (2026)

Walter Schiff (2026)

Janet Couch (2026)

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